Smadav premium 2016 free

SmadAV Antivirus is a genuine made ​​in Indonesia for the cleaning and protection of laptops and computers from viruses at the local level and at the international level . Currently , this app is the best Antivirus locally.

Most antivirus software can not be installed together with other antivirus software, it is because the antivirus is designed for primary protection on your computer. Unlike SmadAV, a type of anti-virus software, which is designed as an additional protection, so that 100% compatible and can work well, but there was another anti-virus on your computer, in this case, the application is functioning as a second layer of protection. Through the use of resourcenya very small, so it will not add to the weight of your computer / laptop use. Thus, with the connection between SmadAV and anti-virus protection is already installed on the PC will further strengthen computer protection from virus infections.

It also has special technology to prevent the spread of the virus through the USB Flashdisk.kemampuan Yng special Tuk detect new viruses in the flash memory , though not in the database. not only prevention, anti-virus can also remove a virus that infects and restore files Yng latent virus in USB- stick.

In this latest version SmadAV there are a few extras such as :

-Repair failed to install on Windows XP, the startup SmadAV new features, improved error detection of multiple files / programs, and other improvements.

-Fixed a bug (program) error, which raises two icons in the system tray (the icon in the lower right corner) to set for all users (users) on Windows, a standard user or administrator.

-Scan flash faster than the previous version, and Anti-Ransomware as prophylaxis / treatment of the virus originator data (Locky, Teslacrypt etc.)

-Add a new virus database 700, Total Scan and Quick Scan option, the digital signature Supplement keep installation easier and safer.

-The addition of automated functions to restore the hidden files in the flash memory, and also fixes some bugs life program.

-Improving protection, as well as USB and browser enhancements for use in Windows 10.

-Virus Cleaning Bundpil (which is to create a folder without a name on your flash)

-Support for security features when using the Internet, Facebook share virus cleaning, VBS-Houdini, BundpilAutoit etc.

download smadav premium free (via UserCloud) size 1,4 mb

download smadav premium free (via UserCloud) size 1,4 mb